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Wild turkey scuffle makes for great photos

On occasion in town, one is able to catch sight of wild turkeys, especially at this time of year.

On occasion in town, one is able to catch sight of wild turkeys, especially at this time of year. 

In the past, we have had wild turkeys causing problems for people walking or riding their bikes, and there have been news-worthy articles about folks being chased by them.

If you happen to be driving by the former Department of National Defence property on Lakeshore Road, you can usually see a number of them in the grassy areas. I believe some of the townsfolk on neighbouring properties feed them during the long winters. With the bordering wooded area, this is an ideal location for them and there appears to be a healthy population.

In Ontario, the original wild turkeys were extirpated by habitat loss and over-hunting about 100 years ago. Since then, however, thanks to hunters and conservationists, they have been reintroduced and once again inhabit wooded areas throughout the province.

I happened to be driving in this area on Monday and two males were running along the fence line, one seemingly chasing the other. I pulled into the entrance area, but by then they had joined some others a distance away, closer to a wooded area. Next, I heard a car honking and, realizing the turkeys may have been sighted, headed back. Sure enough the two males had taken flight and crossed Lakeshore Road. One had trouble finding its way through the fencing on that side of the road, but eventually was successful. Both then began to fight it out a bit, flapping their wings and fanning their tails before launching themselves at each other. A great photo opportunity presented itself.

Recently, I posted a video of deer running across Lakeshore Road and jumping the fence into the DND property in the early morning. During this season, we should be aware of the turkeys in the area too.