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We’re back! Here’s what happened

A major technical outage prevented us from bringing you the news for a big part of the day, but things are back to normal now
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We are happy to report that Village Media’s news sites, including the one you’re reading this on now, are back in service after a considerable outage.

While our news feeds may have been inaccessible, rest assured that the outage did not impact our journalists who work hard every day to keep you informed about your community, so please keep checking back in the coming hours and days as we report the stories we have been working on.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank you for your patience. Our team was in constant communication with Microsoft throughout the day as it worked to resolve the outage on its end.

What happened?

Microsoft servers, which play a crucial role in hosting our news websites, faced a widespread outage across Eastern Canada & the U.S. This unexpected disruption began in the early morning hours and affected our ability to deliver the latest local news to you. 

It’s important to note that this was strictly a technical issue and is entirely unrelated to recent events, including bill C-18 or the unfortunate massive newspaper layoffs across Ontario announced yesterday by Metroland.