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View from the Couch: A review of Toast

Toast (Prime, 2010) is based on the life story of English food writer, journalist and broadcaster Nigel Slater

Toast (Prime, 2010) is based on the life story of food critic Nigel Slater, whose mother’s only culinary achievement was producing “toast.” She died very young and then Nigel became deeply interested in achieving some cooking skills. Helena Bonham Carter, the cleaner, becomes Nigel’s stepmother. Both son and stepmother
are highly competitive and vie for the approval of Nigel's widowed father. This is a story populated with eccentrics and filled with sadness, but there is an abundance of fun.

Donald Combe is a retired English teacher who loves to go to the movies. Until he resumes going to theatres, he has graciously agreed to share his opinions, through "short and sweet" exclusives, of online series and movies for The Local.