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View from the Couch: A review of The Naked Civil Servant

John Hurt stars as the outrageous and flamboyant Quentin Crisp as he comes of age and grows into old age in conservative England in the 1975 film available on the Britbox streaming service
John Hurt as Quentin Crisp in 'The Naked Civil Servant'>

The Naked Civil Servant (Britbox, 1975) is an old film, but a treasure. Thankfully it is currently available on Britbox. This is the story of Quentin Crisp, a man who seems never to fit and who should have been totally unhappy. He is an eccentric and considered by many a person to be avoided at all cost. His was a life honestly lived, so one to be admired and emulated. John Hurt was one of the great actors of his time and his performance as Crisp is brilliant.

Donald Combe is a retired English teacher who loves to go to the movies. Until he resumes going to theatres, he has graciously agreed to share his opinions, through "short and sweet" exclusives, of online series and movies for The Local.