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Ricky Rap: Reflection on missing my father

The latest Ricky Rap by NOTL's Rick Mills
A young Rick Mills in 1996 with his father, Doug Mills Sr.

Ricky Rap is a list of 10 thoughts and offerings from Niagara’s own Rick Mills. Retired from more than 30 years of management in the steel industry, he continues pastoral ministry here in town. Ricky Rap, he says, is intended to help us to believe in and laugh at ourselves.

1. I recently passed the age my dad lived to.

2. Loved by many.

3. Had the bluest eyes of all of us.

4. I got his hair.

5. He was a flirt.

6. Some say I got that too.

7. The older I become, my love for him increases. 

8. I understand him better. 

9. Because I understand myself the same. 

10. Would have been nice to grow older with him.