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LETTER: Government is damned if it does, damned if it doesn't

The town could take steps to fix the issue, but that would upset people; it could do nothing, which it did, and also upset people, writes reader Jackie Bonic.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Local received the following letter about dangerous driving conditions on Lakeshore Road.

The unfortunate accident that occurred on Lakeshore Road that killed a young man at the same location as a woman died last year could have been avoided if the town and regional officials had done something about the road conditions that facilitated the last accident and countless others.

The fact is that some people are going to speed or they are going to be intoxicated enough to not be able to make that bend in the highway. They will ignore warning signs the same way they ignore speed limits, so what do you do?

Some people have suggested cutting the tree down, but how will that stop the reckless driving? People will still go off the road and probably hit another tree.

We just got back from Peru where they had the same problem on their roads. They lowered the speed limits but it didn't make any difference until they introduced speed bumps with warning signs (they tend to be of the axle-breaking, underbody-stripping kind) and now the consequences of not slowing down are severe. We hate that solution. We hate being monitored in any way. We hate cameras. We hate any form of control and because of that we have accidents like this one and then we complain that the governments (who we resent) haven't done anything to fix the problem.

Jackie Bonic